Student Testimonials of their Lab Experiences

The proof of the Wired! Lab’s—the Digital Art History & Visual Culture Research Lab’s—success is visible in its testimonials. The students have recounted the impact the lab’s innovative research-teaching model has had on their academic careers, future goals, and career development.

The Wired! Lab is unlike any other space I have encountered on Duke’s campus. When I first came to Duke as a freshman, I found one of my first communities amongst researchers, professors, and students devoted to the work that they do at the Wired! Lab. Each time I would come to work, I found myself engaged in fascinating conversations about new research theories and ways to reimagine how research has been done before. While Art History may not be my final career destination, the skills I have gained with the Dictionary of Art Historians have completely transformed my Duke experience.

~ Kerry Rork, Duke ’22
Major in History and Political Science
Undergraduate Fellow with Dictionary of Art Historians

The Wired! Lab has really taught me how Digital Humanities can help people see the past in a way they might not have otherwise. […] The Wired! Lab has been a home away from home for me.

~ Jessica Williams, Duke ‘19
Major in Art History, Minors in Political Science and Psychology
Undergraduate Fellow with The Medieval Kingdom of Sicily Image Database

I love coming in on Fridays and seeing everyone working and everyone talking and having that sense of camaraderie; seeing how different groups can use the same tools to tell different stories.

~ Evangeline Marecki, Duke ‘19
Majors in Classical Languages and Computer Science
Undergraduate Fellow with Digital Athens

The amount of guidance that I have received from professors, PhD students, and just sitting in the room hearing all the collaboration happening—that’s just something that you can’t pick up in a classroom.

~ Andrew Lin, Duke ‘19
Majors in Economics and History
Undergraduate Fellow with A Portrait of Venice, Building Duke, and Paris of Waters

…being in that lab, where all of these different research projects are going on. It’s a really interesting dynamic, and, I think, very unique on this campus.

~ Mary Kate Weggeland, Duke ‘19
Major in Art History, Concentration in Museum Theory and Practices, Minor in French Studies
Undergraduate Fellow with A Portrait of Venice and Senses of Venice

The most meaningful aspect of working in the lab has been finding that there are ways to combine different disciplines that I love in a really meaningful way.

~ Annie Haueter, Duke ‘17
Major in Computer Science, Minor in Art History
Undergraduate Fellow with A Portrait of Venice

The research skills I’ve gained by working on the Kingdom of Sicily project and access to librarians […] and the vast resources through Duke Libraries, I’ve learned how to conduct searches, […] how to organize metadata, and to conduct a professional and reproducible search through vast amounts of information that would have totally overwhelmed me before.

~ Michael O’Sullivan, Duke ‘17
Major in Psychology, Minor in Classics
Undergraduate Fellow with The Medieval Kingdom of Sicily Image Database

Banner Image: Jules Nasco and Brenden Li, Undergraduate Fellows with The Medieval Kingdom of Sicily Image Database study an image for the database. Image Credit: Alina Taalman.